NWH Obligations


NWH shall place kiosk at the reception or at the patient entry point to the NWH as decided by the Dr.YSR Aarogyasri for the purpose of reception and registration. It shall provide 2 MBPS net connection and dedicated computer with peripherals. NWH shall identify, direct and register all the patients holding eligibility card.

Free pre-evaluation

The success of the scheme rests on ensuring that all the stakeholders adhere to the highest level of medical ethics. Chief Medical Auditor shall be performing the following medical audit functions:

  • All the beneficiaries shall be pre-evaluated for the listed therapies till the diagnosis is established.
  • Counseling for packages where facilities are unavailable.
  • The patient shall be properly counselled and referred to nearby NWH for further management, if found to be suffering from diseases other than those that cannot be managed in the NWH.