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Online Surveys – Make Money for your Opinions


Online surveys are already regarded by many as a great way to earn some extra cash, and the field is expanding quickly. Companies can see the benefits of this over ‘on the street’ survey taking as they just pay you for your information not pay someone to get it from you on the street. They win by gaining better information and you win by getting paid.

There are loads of survey companies around, some which offer cash and some offering prizes. I suggest that both are worth doing because when you win prizes, which can be anything from MP3 players to televisions, they can be worth a lot and if you don’t want them they can be sold on auction sites like E bay. For a good list of free to join survey companies check out my site here.

Heres my top tips to help you get started making money:

1. Set up an E-mail account dedicated to your survey taking business, and remember to check it regularly (more than once a day if possible) because some surveys close hen they have reached a maximum number of respondents.

2. Use an auto form filler such as Roboform. It will fill registration forms quickly and also login automatically to the various sites you are a member of. Also with Roboform there’s a free and pro version. ( I only use the free version which is excellent)

3. Answer surveys honestly, some people will try to rush through and get more done but survey companies have pretty advanced systems that will detect false answering or irregular behaviours.

4. Refer your friends, some sites offer an incentive for referring others and some good ones like Survey Savvy for example pay you for each survey your referral completes. If you get a few hard working survey takers you can earn quite a lot from this.

5. Before paying to join any sites offering surveys search hard for all the free ones. There’s lots of sites out there that will charge you for information you can get free elsewhere. “Research Research Research” before buying in to survey opportunities.

Lots of people around the world are succeeding in increasing their income through home surveys. You may not earn enough to retire at 30 but the extra cash is always nice. Good luck and for more help getting started in this area visit my site, its free information with no obligations.

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