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5 Great Romantic Dates

Text and Image Copyright Notice. Published under copyright by Loveawake India. © Copyright 2010-2020. All rights reserved.

Have you ever lost touch with someone and now you’re getting back together? Did something come along and sideline your relationship and you just never got back to it for whatever reason?

Or have you met someone exciting and new and you want a memorable date as a first date to make the beginning of what you hope will be many more happy ones? You’re smitten, you can’t wait to see each other, and you want something special.

Number One Most Romantic Date:

Catered or picnic lunch by a waterfall. Contact several caterers and ask if they do this. If not, just buy a prepared picnic basket or make your own. Find out what kinds of food your date likes and then prepare some of them; by the others. Scout for a reasonably fun place for a picnic. I vote for the waterfall – or the sound of water. Maybe you’re in a boat or sitting outside in the courthouse with a water feature, or sitting on a park bench in the rain, under a big umbrella, sipping a cup of hot soup, hot coffee, and a homemade cookie! The challenge is to get both people to contribute ideas so you are both invested into trying your best to make it work.

Number Two – Boat Rides:

Whether you are riding the Staten Island Ferry at night, admiring the Manhattan skyline, or paddling on a small pond in a row boat, something about boat rides stirs a person’s thoughts and if you ask good questions, you might get a flow of conversation going. Boat rides can be quiet, provoking memories or a rush to share with someone. Again, you have the mesmerizing water which leads to a serene adventure. Take a bag lunch and a bottle of wine if you plan to spend enough time on the water.

Number Three – Singin’ In The Rain:

Did you ever see that movie? Just makes me want to break out my old tap shoes and dance on the sidewalks and the streets. You could do that of course, - or, you could share a big umbrella, walk the streets together, sing songs you know, and look for a coffee shop where you can enjoy a cup of brew – and, dry off.

Number Four – Take a Class Together:

How creative can you get? There are all types of yoga classes offered in different cities – all are recommended for health and longevity. Classes in Spanish, Italian, French, or German speak loudly to the idea of taking a trip together once you get through the class and want to go somewhere to practice what you’ve learned. Trips, restaurants that cook the food of the country you are studying, and concerts with their cultural music will make dates while you expand your cultural bandwidth.

Number Five – Volunteer Together:

When the economy is tight, these are the days when every minute and dollar is short. Yet, no matter how hard times get, someone else has it harder. This is where you and your date – or steady – can find time to contribute to others and find out more about each other. This is where you can see what kind of person lives in the center of their heart. And if your date has not been a volunteer before, this is a huge bonus in learning to serve others. Even if your relationship doesn’t last, your influence of helping those in need will. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some ideas:

• Local animal shelters need assistance walking the dogs, among other tasks
• Programs for children such as Head Start or after school care need people to read to children.
• Nursing homes appreciate volunteers who will visit and talk to the people in their care.

If you have other skills that people would appreciate, such as drawing, singing, or playing a musical instrument, be generous – share what you can do.

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