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    •              "20.10.2020: Vacancy Notification for the posts of Aarogyamithras in other states (Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore)”(Click here to download)             "Circular Instructions for all NWH's to follow the guidelines with compliance Blood Grouping reports of beneficiaries in the Dr. YSRAHCT”(Click here to download)             "01.10.2020 - Circular on reserving atleast one bed for the beneficiaries under WJHS”(Click here to download)             "The approved fee structure for offline empanelment application is “Rs.10,000/- for less than 10 specialties and Rs.15,000/- for 10 or above specialties”              "Aadhar Biometric User manual & Software" (Click here to download)             "25.09.2020 Circular on re enabling Aadhar based biometric to patient and MEDCO in ASRI "Biometric device vendor details"”(Click here to download)              "Circular instructions to Aarogyamithras for patient Referral System.”(Click here to download)              "Arranging of Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Help desks in all Government Hospitals." (Click here to download)              "Circular and Annexure of revised Ophthalmology Packages issued" (Click here to download)             "12.08.2020 - Guidelines for applying COVID cases - Intimation to all the Network Hospitals" (Click here to download)             "Proceeding orders- Cochlear Regional committee " (Click here to download)              "User Manual for the New day wise COVID 19 procedures as per GOMS. No. 77." (Click here to download)              "11.07.2020:Opening / Renaming of two joint Accounts i.e. one for 45% Patient Care & one for 35 % incentives in the name of Dr. YSR Aarogyasri " (Click here to download)              "YSRAHCT- EMPANELMENT- Revised SCA " (Click here to download)              "Shuffling of NAM & PAM / NTL / DTL " (Click here to download)             "Revised Circular on Time Limitations Update " (Click here to download)              "Circular for Time Limitations Update " (Click here to download)             "Circular to NWHs on mandatory investigations to be carried out for COVID +ve cases " (Click here to download)             "Circular-Inclusion " (Click here to download)             "Inclusion of COVID-19 Procedures under YSR Aarogyasri" (Click here to download)             "Circular on Emergency and Elective Cases " (Click here to download)             "Disabling of Biometric authentication in network hospitals " (Click here to download)             "Protocol COVID-19" under Dr YSR Aarogyasri Scheme" (Click here to download)             "Circular to Network Hospitals on treating the COVID- 19 cases under Dr YSR Aarogyasri Scheme" (Click here to download)                                
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